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Tissue Microarray Patient Survival Data

Date Added: February 08, 2012 03:13:41 AM
Author: Stephen Jones
Category: Health

Tissue microarrays (TMA) are a high-throughput method for investigating biomarkers in multiple tissue specimens using multiple techniques including immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, FISH and PCR. However, one of the current limitations of this tool is the limited availability of patient survival data which is key to testing the predictive value of relevant biomarkers. IMGENEX is excited to announce the availability of patient survival data for 25 of our most popular slides. This information will enable researchers to identify important prognostic markers and biomarker clusters for characterization of disease progression and patient outcome. See below for a list of TMA slides with survival data or visit our website. To see our entire selection of Tissue Microarray slides including cancer, normal, and diseased tissues, visit our TMA resource center. Here you can sort by organ, tissue type, species, and specific diagnosis to find a slide matching your precise requirements. Important: Survival data is not posted to our website and must be requested. If you would like a sample report of the data available, you may request it, or click the image on the right for sample data. IMH-364 Patient Survival Data For purposes of patient privacy, only sample data shown above. Data is representative of the info available for the listed slides. To request data on a particular slide, please contact us. Patient survival data is available for indicated slides only. Catalog No Description IMH-364 Breast: cancer-metastasis-normal (60 samples) IMH-371 Breast: cancer-normal adjacent (60 samples) IMH-306 Colon and rectal cancer IMH-359 Colorectal: cancer-metastasis-normal (59 samples) IMH-317 Esophageal cancer IMH-313 Kidney, cancer-normal adjacent tissues IMH-322 Liposarcoma, Angiomyolipoma IMH-318 Liver cancer (59 samples) IMH-360 Liver: cancer-metastasis-normal (59 samples) IMH-305 Lung cancer IMH-340 Lung, matching normal adjacent tissues of IMH-305 (59 samples) IMH-358 Lung: cancer-metastasis-normal (59 samples) IMH-369 Melanoma, malignant IMH-370 Osteosarcoma IMH-347 Ovarian cancer (59 samples) IMH-324 Ovary, metastasis IMH-325 Primary cancer tissues of IMH-324 ovary metastasis IMH-303 Prostate cancer IMH-323 Skin, cancer-normal-normal adjacent IMH-316 Stomach cancer (59 samples) IMH-319 Thyroid cancer (59 samples) IMH-368 Uterine cervix: cancer-metastasis-normal (59 samples) IMH-302 Various cancers IMH-346 Various cancers and normal adjacent tissues IMH-343 Various cancers and normal adjacent tissues Learn more about about our TMA collection and other tissue derivative products by clicking below or calling us at 1-800-848-9513. Most Popular Slides Organ Cat No Species Tissue Type Brain Multiple H, R N, NA, T/C Colon IMH-359, IMH1093 H NA, T/C Kidney Multiple H, M, R N, NA, D, T/C Lung Multiple H, M, R N, D, T/C Mammary Multiple H N, NA, D, T/C Prostate Multiple H, M, R N, NA, D, T/C N: Normal, NA: Normal Adjacent, D: Diseased, T/C: Tumor/Cancer Single Tissue Slides Clinical Tumor Tissue Lysates INSTA-Blot™ Ready-to-use WB Membranes Quickly perform multi-parametric searches using our new- web interface! Visit IMGENEX India Pvt Ltd. the only biotech company in Orissa and one of its kinds in Eastern India. IMGENEX India started in Oct as an outsourcing branch of IMGENEX Corporation, San Diego, USA. Find out more information about Cleaved Caspase-3.
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